Mike Franke
UX Manager

HELP! We're losing users, metrics and money!

A multinational medical technology company was losing users and data with their app. We dove into the "why" and came up with a plan to increase engagement.

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The Details

WHO: A cross-platform surgery app for a Fortune 500 medical technologies firm

THE PROBLEM: Users were dropping off along their journey, impacting revenue

MY ROLE: UX Audit, User Interviews, Usability Testing, Sketching, Wireframes

RESULT: Delivered key UX insights that showed how to improve the patient experience and increase engagement. 

Case Study: Help! We're losing users, metrics and money!

Explaining what to expect with one of our testers

User Interviews

We conducted in-person and remote interviews with the demographic that would use the product.

The Details

  • Open-ended questions

  • What users valued most through their journey

  • Friction points they encountered

Key Findings

  • If “prescribed” by their doctor, users were willing to use an app.

  • Pain relief was their primary surgery goal.

  • Their biggest worry was knowing what to expect.

Case Study: Help! We're losing users, metrics and money!

The Userlytics Platform

Usability Testing

Focus on the user.

The Details:

  • Moderated (in-person) testing was done both remotely over Zoom and in-person. 

  • Our unmoderated (non-live) testing was done with the Userlytics platform.

Key Insights

  • We learned more from user's behavior than self reporting.

  • Discovered several new friction points.

  • Mental models did NOT match the current design.

  • No one could find the main menu.

Case Study: Help! We're losing users, metrics and money!

Our Primary Persona: Susan

Primary Persona

Based on our user interviews, stakeholder insights, and current metrics we crafted a primary persona. We also utilized secondary research - reading research white papers and studies about seniors.

Key Findings

  • Seniors are adapting technology more rapidly.

  • They don't want to miss out on being active in their lives.

  • Their primary reason to have joint surgery is to stop the pain.

Case Study: Help! We're losing users, metrics and money!

Discussing the User Journey with the client, and yes, we printed a HUGE version. It was helpful to refer to it throughout our discussions.

User Journey

Gain alignment with our internal team and our stakeholders.

The Details:

  • We included what users are thinking, feeling and doing for each step of the journey.

  • We included a "Brand" lane to identify where/how the Brand currently communicates with patients and more importantly, where they should be interacting with patients. 

Key Findings

  • Identified where users would need the most help along their journey.

  • Mapped where the most effort was placed on the user.

  • How the brand could improve their relationship with their patients.

Case Study: Help! We're losing users, metrics and money!

The "So What?!"

If we focused on the patient, everything else would fall into place.

Simplify to reduce cognitive load.

Case Study: Help! We're losing users, metrics and money!

Various quick sketches from our ideation sessions

Sketches and Ideation

After presenting our findings to the client, I started producing low-fidelity sketches. A great, quick (and inexpensive) way to ideate.

  • Our guiding theme was to reduce cognitive load

  • I utilized digital-sketching during Zoom meetings

  • Continuous iterations and improvements

Case Study: Help! We're losing users, metrics and money!

Interactive Wireframes are designed in Adobe XD.


These were used to help get internal and client buy-in moving forward. 

  • I was able to quickly mockup wireframes and edit realtime during meetings.

  • Our interactive wireframes are being used in User Testing.


  • Focus on the user experience first.

  • User Research, Interviews and Testing were critical for understanding our users.

  • The best insights were found in observing behavior. 

  • Reduce Cognitive Load.

  • Being able to quickly prototype and iterate saves time, budget and sanity! 

Hours of interviews
Hours of Usability Testing
Tester found the original menu in our study!