Mike Franke
Senior UX Designer

Video Work

Editing and Motion Reel

Editing and Motion Reel

Making clients look awesome - super important. Here's a quick reel from my motion graphics and editing work.

Work done: Motion graphics, editing, music

"A Matter of Life"

A Matter of Life

When Ashfield, a global healthcare company, created a new purpose statement, they needed to bring it to life. Shot safely during COVID with Horizon Productions who also did the post heavy lifting.

Work Done: Concepts, animatics, music selection, co-directed shoot, directed editing and color grading, directed 3D FX and motion graphics

Sanction Studios sizzle reel

Sizzle Reel

Sometimes you need to show what you do with a little extra punch. If I have a project that calls for guitars, it's a good day!

Work Done: Editing, motion graphics, music editing

A fun, self-project in honor of Ridley Scott's "Alien"

"Alien" Inspiration

While most people love the movie "Alien" for well, the Alien, it holds a place in my heart for UI design. Here's a quick creation that I had fun designing.

Word Done: Motion graphics, editing, post processing FX, Element 3D models, sound editing

Meet Sid

This piece was done for Pharma-giant, Sanofi Regenron, to explain their patient support program. We had fun adding, Sid, our guide to make the program more approachable.

Work Done: Editing, Motion Graphics, VO direction, Compositing, Final Mix

Coming to a television near you, Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness TV Commercial

A fast-paced 30 sec television commercial for Planet Fitness. This one was a good lesson in timing and letting the VO drive the edit.

Work Done: Editing, motion graphics

Stretchy and silly - "Yummy World"

Yummy World

A fun "outside the box" piece for KidRobot and NECA shown during the New York Toyfair. It's not everyday you get to animate a cartoon slice of pizza!

Work Done: Editing, animation, music editing