Mike Franke
UX Manager

Simplifying healthcare

Users were dropping off and not completing a critical insurance lookup for a large, global Pharma company. A re-design led to a 96% Completion Rate.

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The Details

WHO: A web-tool for medication support. Done for a large global pharmaceutical company

THE PROBLEM: Usage and completion rates were low, which affected patients using their products and ultimately, revenue

MY ROLE: UX Audit, Stakeholder Interviews, Information Architecture, Usability Testing, Sketching, Wireframes, UI Design

RESULT: Improved our Completion Rate to 96%

Case Study: Simplifying healthcare


Primary Research

Stakeholder interviews helped us understand our users and their pain points. I worked alongside our Behavioral Scientists in gathering and synthesizing data.

Key Findings: 

  • Healthcare is complicated.

  • Users were dropping off the application process.

  • Users were overwhelmed with too much jargon and choice.

Case Study: Simplifying healthcare

Imagine if signing up for Spotify looked like this?!

Mapping Workflows and Data Analysis

I created a workflow to visually detail the process. We also looked at data/metrics.

Key Findings

  • Lots of branching and duplicated processes

  • Too many decisions.

  • Data - High abandonment when asking for. address and phone number.

Case Study: Simplifying healthcare

After ideation sessions, we generated a new user workflow.

Architecting the Experience

To the whiteboard! We ideated on simplifying the process.

Key Findings:

  • Eliminated duplicative processes.

  • Asking for less.

  • Get users registered first, then retarget for more info.

Case Study: Simplifying healthcare

An example of our interactive wireframes.


We utilized interactive wireframes making it much easier for the client to understand the user flows, and any additional pain points. This also let us FAIL much faster and cheaper.

Key Findings:

  • Quickly moved between wireframes and prototypes for testing.

  • Utilized an agile prototype process.

  • We failed FAST and EARLY.

Case Study: Simplifying healthcare

Getting as many people to try the experience before production.

Usability Testing

Focus on who we are doing this for: the user.

Key Insights

  • Uncovered multiple places where users could get stuck.

  • We added "triage" tactics.

  • We simplified the copy to make it easier  to understand.

UI Design

I built out the User Interface while aligning to brand guidelines. We maintained communication with our development team throughout the entire process.


We handed-off to development where we continued to iterate and refine. This effort helped improve our Completion Rates to 96%.

Case Study: Simplifying healthcare

Here's a look at our XD file for this project. That's a lot of links!


  • User Testing uncovers "blind spots".

  • Be there when users need you.

  • Wireframe > Prototype > Testing saved time.

  • We were able to FAIL early and FAIL fast.