Video Work

Miscellaneous Video Projects. I created all of these from concept to final delivery. I am thankful to have worked with such varied IPs!

  • Role Art Direction, Concepting, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Audio Editing, Mixing, Final Delivery

Television ad for Planet Fitness.

Trailer for “Yummy World” for New York Toy Fair. Character and environment were supplied as vector assets. I created all character rigs, animations and visual elements as well as the audio mix. This was fun!

Playing around in AE: “Alien”-Inspired UI (SFX re-purposed from “Alien”)

Cinematic Reel for Sanction Studios. Most shots created by me. Not by me: 3D Plane model; 3D Flight Reocrder model; In-Game Unity Shots; UPS 3D model;

UI Filmed Look – Making Of

Motion Tracking Example