Additional Video Projects

Miscellaneous Video Projects. I created all of these from concept to final delivery. I am thankful to have worked with such varied IPs!

  • Role Art Direction, Concepting, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Audio Editing, Mixing, Final Delivery

Motion Graphics and Editing Reel

Television ad for Planet Fitness.

HubSnaps Preview Trailer for Retailers. Work Done – Initial concepts to final delivery. 3D models provided then imported into After Effects.

Trailer for “Yummy World” for 2015 Toy Fair. Character and environment were supplied as vector assets. I created all character rigs, animations and visual elements as well as the audio mix. This was fun!

Cinematic Reel for Sanction Studios. Most shots created by me. Not by me: 3D Plane model; 3D Flight Reocrder model; In-Game Unity Shots; UPS 3D model;

Look and Feel for a Healthcare Client

Marquee Video for “Graceland Presents ELVIS: The Exhibition – The Show – The Experience” in Las Vegas

Playing around in AE: “Alien”-Inspired UI (SFX re-purposed from “Alien”)

UI Filmed Look – Making Of

Motion Tracking Example

Green Screen

“Scalers” Promo Trailer 02 | Work Done: Live Shooting, Set Lighting, Editing, Audio, Mixing, Motion Graphics

Trailer for "HeroClix Online" | Work Done: High Level Concepts, Motion Graphics, Editing, Post Effects and Audio Mix.

“Scalers” Promo Trailer 01 | Work Done: Concepts, 3D Imports and Motion, Motion Graphics, Compositing, Design, Mixing, Audio